About us

Who We Are!

We are a One-Stop Brand Communication outfit, and our core competences are in professional Outdoor Advertising engagements, especially in the areas of design, production [or procurement] and branding. We also produce Trade Presence and Corporate Promotional items that have the capacity to effectively enhance the Visibility Communication efforts of our clients. We are engaged in Digital Large Format, Screen and Offset Printing services to complement and enhance the marketing communication efforts of our clients. We are duly registered by the corporate Affairs Commission, Nigeria, and we are a registered Corporate member of the Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria, OAAN.

Our conviction

We believe very strongly that you desire that your Brands should enjoy a very high level of visibility and, ultimately, popularity and acceptability in the market place among your current customers, while also attracting and sustaining the attention of prospective patrons. It is with the benefit of our professional convictions that we have the required skills and capability in our chosen fields of professional endeavours, that we hereby make this presentation to you. We offer to be your visibility communication partners, as we are of service to you in all areas of marketing and communications that will be helpful to you and your Brands in 2019 and beyond. We believe we can be of service to you!


We are positioned to deploying our resources, time, talent and skills in the service of our clients, providing services that give them peace of mind, while also meeting our corporate objectives of impact and profitability; and helping our staff to fulfil their career objectives.


We are focused to be our Clients’ most preferred service provider in each of our areas of key competency; contributing meaningfully to the attainment of their Corporate Objectives.

Core Values

They are summed up as IDEAL!
Diligence and attention to details
Excellence: A commitment to making you proud of us
Accountability: An avowed commitment to the terms of your contract with us
Learning: At all times, to keep improving